How To Repair or Replace Hampton Bay Lighting Products

How To Repair or Replace Hampton Bay Lighting Products

I am writing this article as so many people are having problems with Hampton Bay repairs, replacements and service. First, Hampton Bay is a brand sold by Home Depot. Logically then, any problem you might have with Hampton Bay would best be resolved through Home depot customers service. This is fine for some people but a few have found Home Depot to be less than helpful at times.

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What i recommend you do is check out the Home depot community forums here. There is a lot of information you can do a search on that may just answer your question. if it doesn’t then you can ask a question within the forum and someone will answer it for you.

If you find the community forums unhelpful then there are a few independent serviceman and websites that will fix your Hampton Bay product or ceiling fan, and find replacement parts. This information on where to go can be found here at Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts. This article contains all the steps you need to take along with contact names, numbers and websites.

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Another solution to your problems may also be found in a manual. However if you have lost your manual you will need to locate and download it from here Hampton Bay Lighting manuals. There is also a page on ceiling fan manuals, so dont forget to take a look around the site.

I hope these suggestions help you and if you would mind linking back to this article or sharing it I would be grateful. I am also getting alot more information together for Harbor Breeze Fans so check back for more articles.